How To Give Back
Thanks For Helping!

Are you an expert at something? Do you have a hobby that isn't well covered by the mainline database? We would love to recruit you as an editor in your field! We are looking for volunteers that love their niche and are driven to create order from chaos.

Shoot us an email and come take ownership over a branch of the database tree. Make sure the mainline database is rich and accurate when it comes to your interests!

We Love Hearing From You

Wrong ultralink on a page? See a mistake or an omission? Let us know!

The button on every ultralink makes it easy to contribute feedback right away. Your help and contribution is multiplied over the thousands of other instances of that ultralink all across the internet.

Contribute back and help make the internet a better place!

Public Service

Ultralinks are very rich and information dense. That's what makes them so useful, but it also makes them time-consuming to produce.

We wanted to find a way to harness the entire internet community to build a central database of ultralinks on all subjects, ready to be used on any website. By anyone. For free.

Thus was born.

High Impact

The mainline database is a continually growing, community-supported repository of ultralinks available for anyone to use. Once the work has been done to create an ultralink for something, it makes sense to let everyone benefit from it.

The mainline database is the default database used by the ultralink browser extensions, site plugins and bookmarklet. As more ultralinks are added and as existing ones are fleshed out or corrected, the impact is immediately felt over many websites and ultralink users.