Spencer Nielsen
July 11th, 2014
Ultralink 1.0

After a long gestation period, things have finally matured enough that we have seen fit to deem Ultralink with the version moniker of 1.0. In this version we have a few new link types, but the main focus has been on making it extremely stable, compatible and performant.

New PDF Link Type

We now support a new PDF link type which includes inline support for Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Now you can bring up a PDF and quickly browse it right from the Ultralink. No need for an unwieldy download or a separate tab. It currently uses the browser's built-in PDF rendering mechanisms to work. We are working on bringing inline PDF support to all browsers sometime in the future.

New Intel ARK Link Type

ARK is Intel's huge product database which they have exposed to the public. Anytime you need to find detailed product information like the clock speed or cache size of a specific processor, or compare different Intel SSDs to each other, Intel ARK is the place to go. We now have a new Intel ARK link type complete with Inline Pane support. Now all of the nitty gritty details about the latest Intel hardware are only a click away.

New Comic Vine Link Type

Comic Vine is widely regarded as the Wikipedia of comics. Any character, team, volume, issue or author you can think of is cataloged in detail and continually maintained by a very active community. We now support a new Comic Vine link type that comes with detailed Inline Pane support. Just go to comicvine.com and give it a spin. Now any time you see a word on Comic Vine you can immediately get the details behind it and see related Comic Vine data visualized in awesome ways.

Layout and Alignment Improvements

There are tons of little, front-end cosmetic improvements like better Inline Pane alignment. Now the Inline Panes try to vertically align themselves with the Ultralink so as to better use space and improve aesthetics. There is also logic in place that actively avoids arranging Ultralinks or Inline Panes such that they might hang off the sides of the screen or get cut off in some manner. We also have a new "width-constrained" mode that reduces the visual complexity of the Ultralink and modifies the Inline Pane to match that of the screen when the width of the page is small enough. This means that things look much better on many mobile browsers or other small screens.

Quality and Performance

By far, the largest change in 1.0 has been the top-to-bottom focus on fixing bugs, making things more compatible in more situations and speeding everything up (especially on mobile browsers). We have put a ton of work into both the front-end and back-end to ensure that your Ultralink experience is the best it can be. Check out the new version and let us know what you think!

How To Use Video

We have also been hard at work on an instructional video for the Ultralink browser extension. It examines every feature of the browser extension in detail and shows you tons of the neat and powerful features that Ultralinks bring to the table. Give it a watch!