Spencer Nielsen
November 16th, 2016
Ultralink 1.0.8

Hot off the heels of version 1.0.7 comes... you guessed it. This too focuses mostly on under the hood improvements and bug fixes. We want to make sure you always have the latest and greatest.

Windows App Improvements

We've added a huge new component to our Windows App in the form of OCR-assisted text lookup. Previously we could only grab text from applications that play nicely with the Windows Automation framework. Now we have integrated the Tesseract OCR library to allow the app to grab text from any source (as long as the text is clear and high contrast). This allows us to not only integrate with more Windows applications, but it also allows us to do much finer grained positioning and place the Ultralink much closer to the actual text.

Better Edge Support

We've polished things up and made them run smoother in Microsoft's newest browser. We have also been hard at work behind the scenes on an Edge browser extension so we can get coverage on all the current, major browsers.

Other Changes/Fixes