Spencer Nielsen
September 17th, 2016
Ultralink 1.0.7

It's been a long time since we last made any blog posts, but we are getting back into the swing of things with a fresh new Ultralink release! This update has mostly focused on under the hood improvements, but there is still some good stuff in here you can take advantage of right away.

The most immediately apparent change you might notice is our slick new icon! We are still using the old icon in some places but in most contexts this guy is our new go-to logo.

Some other small changes of note:

Ultralinks will now be sensitive to the length of the text they are attached to and switch presentation style accordingly so that the Ultralink itself isn't too large.

There are also some foundational changes to the Chrome extension to make it more compatible with the Edge web browser.

Manage Hyperlinks Through Ultralink

There is also support for a spiffy new option called hyperlinkAdd. If 'true', this option will cause all Ultralinks that only have a single non-search link on them (after locale resolution) to instead be injected as a hyperlink instead of an Ultralink. This allows Ultralink databases to also be used for hyperlink management.

Even though making use of Ultralinks is the correct choice most of the time, in some situations authoring a traditional hyperlink is the right thing to do. By creating Ultralinks with only a single link on them, an Ultralink database can be used to guarantee that your users never experience stale or broken links on your site ever again.

New Slack Link Type

Slack is the premiere collaboration software for work teams of all sizes. We recently decided to start delivering realtime support to our users through our own Ultralink Community Slack (Make sure to first create an Ultralink Account to get access).

To make our Slack easy to access, we have created a Slack link type so that any organization or project using Slack can easily funnel users to it through the relevent Ultralinks.