Spencer Nielsen
January 8th, 2014
Ultralink 0.9.5 is out!

Ultralink extensions, site plugins and JavaScript version 0.9.5 are now publicly available. This update is huge! So much to see and do here. Let's dive in!

Amazon Product Inline Pane Support

We have started to dip our toes into adding Inline Pane support for Amazon product links. For certain types of product links we can now bring up an Inline Pane with a concise summary of the product information if you have authenticated the browser extension with your ultralink.me account. There are a few products that Amazon likes to shield from external access but for the most part, any product link can now be previewed.

AngelList Inline Pane Fleshout

The AngelList inline popup has been re-styled and fleshed out with more information. In addition to baseline improvements, we now allow you to authenticate the Ultralink browser extension with your AngelList account! This allows you to get even more details as well as personally relevant information like how you are connected to another person or startup. Give it a try and see how many awesome things you discover!

Twitter Inline Pane Fleshout

We have spruced up and fleshed out the inline Twitter pane and given it some handy new features as well! In addition to more stats and information, you can now re-tweet and favorite tweets right in the timeline! The re-tweet and favorite buttons appear when they are needed by the tweet timestamp and all it takes is a simple click. In addition, a contextual link button appears at the end of each tweet which you can use to jump directly to that tweet in a new tab if you so desire.

LinkedIn Inline Pane Fleshout

The LinkedIn Inline Pane has also gotten some love. Now there is more information included and it is presented more concisely than ever. Your connections at a company are now displayed with corresponding distance calculation. Many things in the pane now have alternate information hiding behind them. Simply click on them to reveal additional details about a person or a company.

Facebook and Google Plus Inline Pane Fleshout

Facebook and Google Plus haven't been left out! Both are now more fleshed out and better laid out than before. Google Plus now displays posts associated with a page and both Google Plus and Facebook Inline Panes now have contextual links that let you jump directly to the relevant pages for a post.

ESPN Link Type

We have added support for a new ESPN link type. Ultralinks for athletes can now 'sport' their official ESPN page link and put their complete stats and information just one click away.

Hopefully in the future we can add Inline Pane support so that you can get an athlete's status without even leaving the page.

CrunchBase Link Type

We have also added support for the new CrunchBase link type, including inline support if you are authenticated with your ultralink.me account. CrunchBase contains tons of entrepreneur and startup profiles with tons of deep details like funding rounds, acquisitions and investments. Not only do we now support CrunchBase link types but you can bring up a company or personal profile inline with all that awesome info formatted cleanly.

Vimeo Link Type

Now joining the YouTube link type is the other big video service on the internet, Vimeo. Currently we only support embedded video links but we plan to eventually add user channel functionality similar to the YouTube link type.

If there are other video services that you want us to support drop us a line and let us know.

Category-based Whitelisting and Blacklisting

The Ultralink WordPress plugin (as well as the MediaWiki plugin and Custom Javascript) now have support for category-based whitelisting and blacklisting of Ultralinks! What this means is that if you run a website that only cares about Politics or Video Games or whatever, you can restrict the Ultralinks that are presented to only those with categories in your whitelist. This can be useful to filter out false positives or generally just simplify your pages to only include thematically relevant Ultralinks. You can also do the reverse and block Ultralinks categorically by using the blacklist.

Settings Tab Refinements

We have also changed one option in the "Settings" pane of the Ultralink browser extensions. The old "Convert Remaining Ultralinks" option has now become the "Convert Wikipedia Hyperlinks". In addition to the name change, the behavior has also been modified. What it means is that when you surf on Wikipedia with Ultralinks enabled, this option will also cause normal hyperlinks that aren't necessarily in the ultralink.me database to be converted to Ultralinks as well. What this allows is for seamless conversion of any Wikipedia page into a beautiful hyperlink-free sheet of text but all the hyperlinks to other Wikipedia pages are still present, they have just been upgraded to Ultralinks. This also means that you can use the easy preview function of the inline Wikipedia pane to quickly gain context as you read through a Wikipedia page without leaving it or breaking your flow.

https blocking

The "Security" tab in the browser extensions now has a new option available. You can now block Ultralinks from being injected into any web pages that start with https. Websites that use https are typically sites like financial institutions or other sites with sensitive information (Although https is quickly becoming a general standard. All of ultralink.me uses https.). If you only want analysis and Ultralink injection on non-encrypted http websites you can easily flip this security switch on or off at any time.

New Links Tab

The browser extensions now have a new tab called "Links". This is where you can see all the different link types we currently support (sorted by type) and disable the ones you don't want and enable the ones you do. It also displays whether the link type currently supports Inline Panes and presents you with an "Authenticate" button for relevant types that you can enable. Under certain link types you can also enable/disable corresponding "insights". What's an "insight" you might ask? See the next section below for what we think is our biggest game changer yet.

Ultralink Insights

The single biggest feature in this update is something we call Ultralink Insights. An "insight" is something that you find interesting or want to made aware of. For example, suppose that knowing if someone is two hops away from you on LinkedIn is something that you would want to know if you were reading about them. You could take the time to look them up on LinkedIn and do the research to find that fact out, but you don't want to take the time to research everyone you read about. You could pull up the inline LinkedIn pane on that person's Ultralink to get the same information much more quickly but even then, you probably don't surf the internet clicking on every LinkedIn link on every Ultralink just in case there was something interesting under it. That is where insights come in. You can select the "Two Hops Away" insight under the "LinkedIn" entry in new the "Links" pane of the extension. Now whenever you load a web page, the Ultralink extension automatically looks at every Ultralink on the page with a LinkedIn link matching a person and calculates your distance to them. If they actually are two hops away from you then it actively highlights the Ultralink with a red shadow. When you click on the Ultralink it automatically brings up the inline LinkedIn pane and often highlights the relevant information to the insight in red. That way you know that any time you see a red Ultralink that there is something you have indicated is interesting behind it! We have a nice assortment of initial insights for Twitter, LinkedIn, AngelList and CrunchBase link types for you to play around with. We also have some really powerful premium insights that you can customize and clone to very finely meet your needs. These premium insights are available to unlock with a subscription that you can buy at ultralink.me and have immediately available. We are always trying to think of new and amazing insights to add. If you can think of any awesome insights that you want added, let us know!

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