Spencer Nielsen
September 3rd, 2013
Ultralink 0.9.4 is out!

Ultralink extensions, site plugins and JavaScript version 0.9.4 are now publicly available. The big features of this release are the newly added achievements, YouTube user link type support and PHG support!


We have implemented all sorts of fun and educational achievements for you to unlock. You will need to be updated to the latest version of our products for your earned achievements to be correctly detected. The achievements are outlined by type in your Profile pane on the dashboard. Some of them display partial progress and others simply unlock when you earn them. We have also included some hidden achievements that are not initially visible and only appear once you have unlocked them. See if you can unlock them all!

YouTube User/Channel Link Support

Another exciting highlight of this release is support for YouTube user/channel links! Now when you click on a YouTube user or channel link in an Ultralink it will pull up the most recently uploaded video. No need to change the Ultralink every time you upload a new video!

We are looking into supporting even more YouTube link formats and features so stay tuned for future updates!

PHG Support

An exciting development in the affiliate linking world has been the adoption of PHG by Apple! PHG is a great affiliate service with awesome tools and great features.

We are following right along with Apple and have built in PHG support for iTunes links. Just add your PHG key in the appropriate places and our code does the rest. We have also switched all of our iTunes link creation tools over to PHG as well.

Global Changes:

Website Changes:

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