Spencer Nielsen
June 6th, 2013
Ultralink 0.9.3 is out!

Ultralink extensions, site plugins and JavaScript version 0.9.3 are now publicly available. The two big features of this release are the Privacy Pane in the browser extensions and support for Opera Next!

We care about privacy just as much as you do and even though we have a strict privacy policy that respects you and keeps the privacy of your surfing safe, we understand if you would prefer to not have Ultralinks on some sites at all. By default the browser extensions will run in blacklist mode which means that it will add Ultralinks to every page you surf to unless they match a site listed on your blacklist. This allows you to add sites like your webmail, Facebook or other sites that you would prefer to not be analyzed. You may also choose to use the extension in whitelist mode instead. Whitelist mode means that Ultralinks will only be added to pages that match the sites on your whitelist. This allows you to, for example, simply specify that you only want Ultralinks added when you go to Wikipedia or your favorite news sites. Please let us know what you think of the new privacy controls and what other privacy features you would like in future versions.

The other major change in this release is support for the new Opera Next web browser! Opera Next has adopted the CRX extension format pioneered in Chrome and impressively enough it worked almost perfectly right out of the box with no modifications! In fact, the extensions are so similar that we are only going to distribute a single CRX extension file for both Chrome and Opera Next. There were a few slight modifications to be made though in order to detect which browser the extension was being loaded in to.

Global Changes:

Extension Changes: