Spencer Nielsen
September 14th, 2013
Protip: The option/alt key

The option/alt key provides a couple of really useful functions when using Ultralinks. On web browsers that do not override the use of that key, pressing the option or alt key will reveal all the Ultralinks that are currently loaded into the page and visible onscreen. This can be very useful for finding what words in the page have Ultralinks attached to them or helpful to web authors who want to flesh out their pages.

But did you know that in the browser extensions it has another useful function? If you have disabled Ultralinks by unchecking the "Enable Ultralinks" box in the toolbar menu you will of course not get any Ultralinks added to a page you have loaded up. However, if you tap the option or alt key 3 times in succession, it will add Ultralinks to ONLY that page. This can be useful if you normally don't want to have Ultralinks added to every web page you surf to but don't want to hassle of enabling/disabling them all the time or maintaining a whitelist.