Spencer Nielsen
October 10th, 2014
Mainline Database Now Open To All

One question we have wrestled with for a while is just how open we should make the Mainline Database at ultralink.me. This database is a freely available repository of Ultralinks for the entire internet. This is the default database when you use one of the Ultralink browser extensions or install the WordPress plugin. It currently contains ~1.2 million Ultralinks on every subject you can imagine.

It is also a work in progress and constantly evolving. At it's core we have sophisticated algorithms that automatically generate Ultralinks based on the content that comes in for analysis. We also have maintenance algorithms that analyze the database and refine existing Ultralinks. At the other end of the spectrum we have individual people, like you and me, manually contributing Ultralinks.

Having Cake And Eating It Too

There are times when humans know best, and so we have many ways for people to create and edit Ultralinks. In order to manage quality, we have previously chosen to limit write access of the database only to those who have gained our trust by granting them "Editor" status. This has prevented vandalism and allowed us to maintain a baseline level of quality and standards. The time has come however, to open up write access to all ultralink.me accounts so that anyone can freely contribute.

To do this, we have put an extensive journaling system into place that gives editors the ability to examine snapshots of Ultralinks both before and after edits take place, as well as perform rollbacks. Initially, accounts are given a limit of 10 Ultralink edits or new Ultralink creations per day. We are watching what people do and will grant higher limits to people as good contributions are made.

How To Edit Ultralinks

In order to help people understand the structure of an Ultralink and the process for editing them, we have created a video that walks you through every feature found on the "Ultralink Card" interface. Make sure you are signed up for an ultralink.me account and give it a watch. Then go to town and start editing/creating some Ultralinks! Be sure to make an Ultralink for yourself (here is an example) if you aren't already in the database. Happy editing!