Spencer Nielsen
September 30th, 2016
Live Mainline Analysis

We recently whipped up a cool new toy to help visualize what's going on when an Ultralink Server analyzes content. It's called the Live Analysis Tool. When you type inside the input box, it analyzes the content against the more than 1.7 million Ultralinks stored inside the Mainline Database.

Just start typing and the Ultralinks in your text are called out above with their category and picture. Because the results are updated live, you can see how some Ultralinks will change as you provide more context. In general, the more context you provide, the more accurate the results will become. Have fun and play around!

Feedback Loop

The accuracy of the results is dependant on the fidelity of data inside the Mainline Database. We are continually improving our algorithms and the Mainline becomes better automatically as more people use it.

But you can help too! Just make sure you have an Ultralink Account and learn How To Edit Ultralinks. Then you can fix mistakes or help fill holes in the database which will improve everyone's results.