Spencer Nielsen
February 17th, 2017
Entity Extraction API

One of the core technologies built into the Ultralink platform is our content analysis and entity extraction algorithms. Over the years, we've refined and optimized this very key piece so that it works reliably and comes back with results lightning fast.

We now want to open up this part of our technology a little wider through our new entity extraction API endpoint. As part of our REST API, there is now a new endpoint that you can pass chunks of text to and get the entities present in return (in Ultralink form).

There is currently no restriction on how you can use this endpoint. It is not rate limited and you can use it for commerical purposes for free. We're dipping our toes into the entity extration area and competing with the likes of AlchemyAPI, Open Calis, TextRazor, Rosette, StanfordNER and many others.

You can give the endpoint a try right here below.

A chunk of content to be analyzed.

Analzyes the provided content in the specified database and returns the detected Ultralinks.

Sign up for a free Ultralink account and then reload this page to give the endpoint a try right here.

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Please let us know what you think of the new API and how it compares with others for your use cases. Want more options? Need the data back in some different format? Hop on to our Ultralink Slack and chat us up! We want to help build solutions that work for you.

Do the results of our entity extraction seem a little weird or incorrect? You can correct it right now by editing the Mainline Database. All you need is a free Ultralink account and you can start fixing things left and right.