For Web Surfers
Click the relevant icon above to install one of our browser extensions. Once installed, it will overlay Ultralinks on the websites you visit. You can easily customize how and where the Ultralinks are placed and in what way they interact with your web surfing experience.
Catering To You
With our browser extensions, Ultralinks can go wherever you go. You can also authenticate the browser extensions with various service accounts (Twitter, Google+, AngelList, etc.) to customize and expand the breadth of information Ultralinks can pull in.
Don't Search!
Bringing up a new tab, entering your search text and wading through the results can be a tedious and time-consuming experience. Ultralinks reduce the process down to just one click. Everything is brought right to your fingertips, ready for you to consume.
Keep Your Flow
Do you ever read an article and find yourself not quite understanding the meaning of a certain word? With Ultralinks, you can look it up and investigate immediately without leaving the page. When you are done, simply continue what you were doing as if you never left.