How To Use Ultralinks

Your web browser is now supercharged with Ultralinks! Wherever you surf on the internet, Ultralinks will now automatically appear in the content you read. An Ultralink is a collection of the most interesting, relevant or useful links having to do with a specific concept.

Check out the video tutorial below to learn about how to use the browser extension.
Quickly jump the video from section to section by clicking on section titles below.
We start out at the very beginning by explaining what an Ultralink is and how you use it. We explain a few Ultralink conventions that are the basis of much of the Ultralink paradigm.
Here we explain how to the use the option/alt key to quickly highlight all of the Ultralinks on a page. Knowing what Ultralinks are present and absent from the page can give you a quick look at the important content in a page.
The difference between blue shadow links and black shadow links is very important. Here we show you what each of them mean and how to use them. In addition, we also how you show quick tips on how to dismiss Ultralinks in various situations.
When all else fails you can always make a quick jump out to the search engine. Forget all that silly copy and paste into the search bar stuff. Hit the search engine with only two clicks.
Here we explain how you can leverage to help improve and enhance your Ultralink experience.
This is the meta link for each ultralink. Using the link you can provide feedback to improve the central database and make direct modifications if you have permissions.
Signing up for an account can make your browsing experience much more powerful. Some black shadow capability and most insights require an account to work.
The Ultralink browser extension's interface is provided through a toolbar at the top of the browser window. Here you can make configuration and preference changes so that you can customize your experience to your liking.
The Info tab displays some basic information about the extension and is also the place where you can leave us feedback. This is also where we explain the "Enable Ultralinks" checkbox and how to use the "triple-option" keyboard shortcut.
Here we can customize subtle Ultralink behaviors so that we can fit our Ultralink experience to us. We show the behavior of each one in detail and explain why it enabled or disabled by default.
All the link types we currently support are listed here in the Links tab. You can selectively enable and disable the ones you want as well as customize advanaced Ultralink function called "Insights".
To unlock all of the power of an Ultralink you can authenticate against various social networks and other services. Any of the powerful context-sensative Ultralink functionality requires authentication to work.
When available, Ultralinks can provide you with linguistically or geographically relevant results automatically. Most of the time the correct settings are already set but you can change them if you need to.
You always have full control over when Ultralinks are injected and when they are not. A flexible blacklist or whitelist system can ensure that things happen exactly as you expect. Craft a custom policy to fit your needs here.