For Web Publishers
If you have a WordPress blog or a Wiki, click the corresponding links above to install the relevant site plugin. If you have any other kind of website, click on the JavaScript icon and customize your own snippet which you can include on your website.
Plug And Play
Our plugins make adding Ultralinks to your website instant and easy. Customize the Ultralink experience for your visitors and enable or disable them at your leisure. Link the code on your website to your own Hosted Database for added control over the Ultralink content.
Cleaner, Denser Content
Ultralinks are all about making the internet cleaner and less distracting. They are designed to be unobtrusive and have only a minimal visual callout. This makes for cleaner, less interrupted content, but it also means that a page can contain a much higher density of Ultralinks than hyperlinks.
Just Write
Web authors don't need to worry about what to link and what not to link anymore. Every significant concept mentioned in an article can, and often should, have a link on it. With Ultralinks, you just write. The correct Ultralinks are overlaid silently and automatically.