If you use the internet in any way, we have something for you. Whether you are a developer, have a website, run a blog or just surf the web, Ultralinks can make your interactions with the web better. Click on the section below that best fits how you want to use Ultralinks.
For Web Surfers
You can enhance your web surfing experience by installing one of our browser extensions. This will overlay Ultralinks on top of all the content you consume as you surf around. This allows you to get the information you want immediately and keep your momentum.
For Web Publishers
If you have any sort of blog or website, Ultralinks can instantly improve it. Once you install one of our site plugins or include our JavaScript, your web pages get a magical layer of interactivity and information without any work on your part.
Hosted Databases
Get a free Hosted Database and start exploring how Ultralinks can solve your data problems. Hosted Databases give you full editorial control to create and manage Ultralinks and use them in any way you want. Give it a try!
Ultralink Server
For large organizations, it might make sense to deploy your own independant Ultralink Master. This way, all your information stays inside your VPN and you can create as many Ultralink Databases as you want.
Ultralink Windows App
Windows App
We are starting to experiment with Ultralinks outside of the normal webpage environment. The Ultralink Windows App allows you to develop new features for existing applications with no risk to the underlying programs.
Ultralink Mac App
Mac App
Following the Windows App, the Ultralink Mac App allows also you to develop new features for existing applications with no risk to the underlying programs on Apple's flagship OS. Also includes the debut of the Ultralink Search Bar.