Mainline Database
The Mainline Database is a gigantic set of Ultralinks on just about any topic you can imagine. It is constantly improving thanks to sophisticated algorithms as well as community contributions. This is the knowledge base that is drawn from by default when you use one of our browser extensions or site plugins.
There are a lot of amazing insights you can gain from browsing the Mainline. You can see how people have been interacting with Ultralinks over the last 90 days and see what sites Ultralinks are showing up on. You can also see how concepts are related to each other and what Ultralinks tend to show up next to each other on the internet.
See a mistake or an oversight? Is there a niche that the Mainline is underserving? You can do something about that! Anyone with an Ultralink Account can easily make changes to the Mainline. Join our community and help make things better. You contributions have a huge impact and improve the experience for all Ultralink users.
Create Your Own
The Mainline is a great public resource and instantly powers the value behind Ultralinks right out of the box. But you can also create your own Hosted Ultralink Database to use for whatever purpose you want for free (free tier has a 100 Ultralink limit). You have complete control over what goes in it and how it is used.