Ultralink Inc.

Ultralink was founded in 2012 with the mission to explore, improve and innovate linking technology. The Ultralink itself is a modern, flexible, and intelligent way of connecting data and accessing it wherever you want. Hyperlinks can easily break or become stale. They can be tedious to author and you can't use too many of them. Ultralinks can supplement and even replace hyperlinks in many different scenarios.

We provide a variety of consumer, enterprise and developer solutions including browser extensions, site plugins, standalone server software, database hosting and a robust REST API. In addition to our products, we provide enterprise-level integration and customization to meet the specific needs of large organizations.

Ultralink Inc. is completely bootstrapped and located in Silicon Valley.

Spencer Nielsen
Software Engineering Artist, SVP Worldwide Hackery, Chief Sushi Eater

Spencer is a tech industry veteran and engineering renaissance man. Previous to founding Ultralink, he founded the Startup Grind and Aoren Software. Spencer also worked at Apple for a number of years as well as LLNL and Sandia Labs. Spencer holds a BS in Computer Science from BYU.

David Nielsen
Business Creator, SVP Product Ontogeny, Number Cruncher

Prior to co-founding Ultralink, David founded CMG Marketing while attending BYU, later graduating magna cum laude in Finance from the Marriott School. He also holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson. David cut his teeth as a Portfolio Associate for a Manhattan-based hedge fund, The D. E. Shaw Group, and is a Portfolio Manager for Ensign Peak Advisors.